Hi! And welcome to my little spot on the internet. Please enjoy your stay here, and be sure to scroll down this page and read through what each section is all about.
First, I would like to say thank you to Pat from Rainbow Row Graphics who made this beautiful graphics layout just for me! I would like to ask that you do NOT take the graphics here for your own use, as it was made specifically for me. However, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a link back to Rainbow Row Graphics, where you can contact Pat to make a layout or graphics for you.

Art:  Everything you want to see about Art:  This section includes links to my various galleries.
For Sale: If you're looking for prints, magnets, children's activity books and other pre-made or printed items, you'll find those items here.
Commissions: Looking for a commission from me? Here, you can order your commission.
Commission FAQ's: Tying in with the commissions above, this is a great place to visit BEFORE ordering a commission!
Conventions: Throughout the year, I make appearances at various conventions to sell my art and commissions, as well as to have the chance to meet me personally. You can find out what conventions I'll be at this year when you visit this link.
Links: Under Construction and coming soon!
Contact:  Find out the many ways that you can contact me.